The first time we all played together, we had something special: the hairs on the back of our necks went up; an impossible, elusive feeling that we’d found something amazing that was ours and ours alone. When we played it to our mates - unbelievably - it wasn’t just us, they were as moved and excited by our discovery. 

That was essentially Bring It On. It found it’s way onto a record label not via a manager or lawyer, but through a friend. Everything in our world was like that then. Unprovoked and happening in a way that seemed utterly charmed. That’s why it’s a thrill, even now, to share it and, with the reissue to share even more of the stuff we were playing around with at the time. It is a perfect time capsule of that ineffable moment: We loved what we were doing; the world was seemingly waiting to love it too. 

Getting to play it live reproduces many of the same feelings. The synth notes at the very beginning of Get Miles bring back memories of sitting in a garage, finding this old toy of Ian’s and finding those notes and looking up as the fellas started to play along. The album is full of these proustian rushes for us. Hopefully, as our fans and listeners, this music similarly takes you away. 

These shows will be very special, we already know that they are. We simply cannot wait for you to be there with us




Bring It On -

20th Anniversary Edition


Bring It On -

20th Anniversary Tour