Liquid Skin

tracklisting: (click track to play)
  1. Hangover
  2. Revolutionary Kind
  3. Bring It On
  4. Blue Moon Rising
  5. Las Vegas Dealer
  6. We Haven't Turned Around
  7. Fill My Cup
  8. Rhythm And Blues Alibi
  9. Rosalita
  10. California
  11. Devil Will Ride

Following up on the success of the debut album, Bring It On, Gomez' sophomore effort, Liquid Skin, brought the band back to Parr Street Studios during a break in touring to self-produce the record and once again team up with engineer Ken Nelson, with additional recordings in the famous Studio 2 at Abbey Road . Released in 1999, Liquid Skin featured such great tracks as "Bring It On", "Rhythm & Blues Alibi", and "We Haven't Turned Around".