Five Men in a Hut

tracklisting: (click track to play)
  1. Whippin' Piccadilly (Turbo Version)
  2. Best In The Town
  3. Catch Me Up (Edit)
  4. Ping One Down
  5. Tanglin'
  6. Bring It On (Radio Edit)
  7. Champagne For Monkeys
  8. ZYX
  9. Step Inside
  10. Blind
  11. Pop Juice
  12. 78 Stone Wobble
  13. Royalty
  14. Old School Shirt
  15. Air-hostess Song
  16. Sweet Virginia
  17. Mississippi Boweevil Blues
  18. Old China
  19. Rhythm And Blues Alibi (Pre-Mellotron Version)
  20. Silhouettes
  21. Silence
  22. Butterfly
  23. Get Myself Arrested
  24. Dire Tribe
  25. We Haven't Turned Around
  26. So
  27. Shot Shot
  28. Chicken Bones
  29. Flight
  30. Pick Up The Pieces
  31. Big Man
  32. Sound Of Sounds (Single Version)
  33. Pussyfootin'
  34. Coltrane
  35. M57
  36. Diskoloadout

Released in 2006, Five Men in a Hut: As, Bs and Rarities, the band's second compilation album and last recording released under Hut/Virgin Records, collected as many B-sides, rarities, and alternative versions of all your favorites tracks as possible on two discs, including alternate versions of "Sweet Virginia" and "Get Myself Arrested" as well as the previously unreleased B-sides "Diskoloadout" and “Old China”.