Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline

tracklisting: (click track to play)
  1. Shitbag 9
  2. Bring Your Lovin' Back Here
  3. Emergency Surgery (Remix)
  4. Hit On The Head
  5. Flavors
  6. 78 Stone Shuffle (BBC Live Session)
  7. We Haven't Turned Around (X-Ray Version)
  8. Buena Vista
  9. Shitbag
  10. Steve McCroski (BBC Live Session)
  11. Wharf Me
  12. High On Liquid Skin
  13. Rosemary (BBC Live Session)
  14. The Cowboy Song
  15. Getting Better
  16. Machismo
  17. Do's And Dont's
  18. Touchin' Up
  19. Waster
  20. The Dajon Song

Released in 2000, Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline was Gomez's first compilation album featuring previously unreleased material, including BBC Radio 1 studio sessions, outtakes, B-sides from the band's first two studio albums, and the band’s cover of “Getting Better” by the Beatles. Also included with the compilation was the Machismo E.P., which was written and recorded at Real World Studios. The US version was packaged together and is now available in its original form here.